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Ravage US readers, if you were a digital subscriber, please note that the digital archives will be going offline on December 31st, 2015. You can download your issues now to have them on your devices. We'll also offer a solution for digital back issues next year, so please stay tuned for more information on that in Q1 of 2016. Have a happy holidays!

Greetings Ravage US readers!

Today I come bearing unfortunate news. Ravage Magazine US is suspending digital and physical publication with the release of Ravage US #21.

There are a lot of factors that went in to this decision, but it boils down to the changing environment of tabletop gaming press. I want to thank all of our readers who supported Ravage US over the years as well as the companies.

When I took over as EIC nearly a year ago, I looked forward to the future of the magazine, giving readers a look behind the scenes of the tabletop game industry with unique interviews, previews, and more. You can continue to find high quality gaming news and reviews over at TabletopGamingNews.com. It is a great site for current news from the board game industry, and I’m sure you’re familiar with it from the regular feature at the beginning of Ravage US by Jason Koepp. Please come visit us over there.

For our current subscribers, we’re offering refunds for the unfulfilled portions of your subscriptions. Physical subscribers will receive their refunds in the coming weeks. For our digital subscribers, you will be or already have received a document informing you to contact Apple Support or Amazon Support for a refund.

If you’re interested in back issues, those can still be found on the CoolMiniOrNot Web Store. And don’t forget Ravage #21 is out digitally now and physical copies will be available shortly. Again, everyone here at Ravage US thanks you for your support over the years.

The digital and physical worlds collide in Ravage Magazine US #20! This issue is jam packed with great articles. Our cover feature is Spartan Games’ new Halo: Fleet Battles. We got an early look at the upcoming game that is sure to please tabletop enthusiasts and fans of the Halo franchise alike. Other previews include Zombicide: Black Plague and the Terminator Genisys miniatures game. We also have plenty of reviews, including Golem Arcana, Syrinscape, XCOM: The Board Game, and Warmachine: Tactics. And Hilary Goldstein takes a look at the convergence of the physical and digital tabletop space in his op-ed. The winners of Crystal Brush 2015 are in this issue, showcasing some of the best painting talent the hobby has to offer. Go forth and enjoy!

Digital single issues can be found on iTunes and Amazon.

A quick note to any past subscribers. We performed maintenance on our subscriber software last week that updated the status of current and past subscribers. This caused several emails to go out stating your Ravage subscription was about to expire. Some of those expired subscriptions dated back to a year or more.

Rest assured, if your subscription lapsed, you stopped paying at that point. Meaning, if you are just now being notified, but your subscription actually expired a while back, you have not been paying. It is just the system finally catching up. Thank you for your support.

Ravage Magazine US #19 is now available for purchase at the CoolMiniOrNot web store. Subscribers' copies have been shipped and should be arriving soon!